Rule Your Distribution Rules

70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales. Distribute the right record to the right rep in real-time to shorten response times and grow pipeline.

Round robin assignment.

Equally distribute leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities among your sales team. Create different groups of sales reps for different territories, and immediately nurture relationships (instead of relying on queues). With our simple weighting system, you can easily route more leads to higher performing reps. The result? An overall better performance.

Go beyond native Salesforce assignment rules.

Native Salesforce routing rules don’t always get the job done. Traction Complete’s Assignment Flow Builder allows you to visualize, customize, track and monitor routing rules as your needs evolve.

Account-Based Routing

Stick to cold calling cold accounts. Complete makes sure leads from important named accounts get reliably routed to the rep that knows them best.

Retract and react.

Out of office? On vacation? Don’t let routing mistakes happen. With Traction Complete, you can retract and reassign leads to someone who can respond immediately.