Speed Up & Sell More.
Lead Routing for Salesforce.

Manually distributing leads or waiting on IT to make changes isn’t scalable.
Automatically route and assign leads to the right rep in real-time, every time.

  • No-code   
  • Route & assign any object
  • Multiple round-robin styles 
  • Lead response analytics


Win the race to revenue

Automatically route to the right rep

Forget catch-all lead queues and start routing based on your go-to-market strategy. This means you’ll never miss a sales opportunity.

Increase win rates with speed-to-lead

Every minute you wait to respond is another minute your lead has to talk to a competitor. Help reps follow up faster with smart notifications and response analytics.

Modify routing rules at the speed of business

Lead routing isn’t a set-and-forget project. Empower your team to manage their own routing rules without compromising governance.

What is lead routing software?

It’s a tool for automatically distributing and assigning leads across multiple sales reps. It allows teams to optimize their Salesforce lead management process by providing an interface to configure round-robin styles, routing and assignment rules, and measure speed-to-lead metrics.

What if we don’t use leads?

Don’t let the name fool you! Any object including contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom objects can be routed and assigned with Complete Leads.

Learn more by downloading our ultimate speed-to-lead guide.

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How Complete Leads can help

Intuitive drag & drop interface

Configure routing rules like a pro in a no-code environment

Route any object

Go beyond leads by routing and assigning any object in Salesforce, including custom objects

Advanced round robin options

Elevate your round-robin assignment by distributing based on equal, weighted, capping, or rep availability

Safe & secure

Built-in Salesforce to ensure your data stays secure and never leaves your environment

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I’m able to build a new sales motion in five minutes instead of waiting weeks for our engineering team to find time to prioritize it. It’s a win-win.

Nicole Looker, Salesforce Administrator

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