5 Ways to Avoid Territory Disputes & Account Conflicts in 2023

Inaccurate, unbalanced, or ill-informed territories are hurting your business. Now more than ever, the current economic climate means getting your GTM planning and territories right the first time is critical to revenue success.

But even the best plans can go out the window when territory disputes happen. This takes up multiple parties’ time and effort when they could be spending time selling instead.

David Nelson, CEO of Traction Complete, and Matthew Wester, Sales Ops Manager at Capado, join forces to discuss how you can carve territories that stand the test of disputes and improve your entire go-to-market team’s productivity.

From top Ops leaders, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Pinpoint the true source of account conflicts and mitigate them
  2. Recarve and balance your territories in a complex GTM environment
  3. Methods to get better visibility into enterprise-level accounts

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Your go-to-market experts.

Matthew Wester

Sales Planning Manager, GTM Strategy & Operations, Copado

Matt is an expert in revenue operations and sales with over a decade of experience at companies like ADP and Copado.

Headshot of CEO Dave Nelson

David Nelson

CEO, Traction Complete

Curious about how you can avoid territory disputes and account conflicts? Dave, your moderator has got you covered.