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Traction Complete: A Sales and Marketing Love Story

November 6, 2019

Single people — it’s becoming harder to find the perfect match in a world cluttered with dating apps, am I right?

Traditionally, what would have taken a series of dates to learn more about the other person is now being reduced to a mere swipe. As a result, we are forced to get to know someone based on a few snippets of information.

Maybe there’s not much to be done about the dating process in the modern era, but when it comes to making the perfect lead match in Salesforce, Traction Complete can help. It provides the information it would have taken multiple steps in the past to be revealed with the speed of today’s dating apps. (See what I did there?) The app, Traction Complete that is, does this by instantly updating any fields on the lead that are populated with information related to an existing account within a Salesforce org. This enables sales and marketing to fully engage in account-based strategies.

No love lost between sales and marketing

Regardless of whether sales and marketing would have taken a traditional or modern approach to dating, one thing is clear. They are an unlikely match. Their relationship is fraught with miscommunications. They resent each other’s talents instead of recognizing the value of uniting for the benefit of the business as a whole. In shutting each other out, they have pushed each other away. They have lost sight of the bigger picture and the fact they are both striving for a common goal: revenue for the company.

The hostility is not contained in their relationship, however. It has far more widespread effects, ultimately making the leads suffer. Leads that are getting mistreated or even worse, leads that are being completely ignored. Sales and marketing are both responsible for harming the relationships with the leads and driving potential business away. It is costing businesses billions in lost revenue.

Can this relationship be saved?

Although it might seem unlikely, this pair can be united. Traction Complete bridges the divide between them by instantly routing the leads, which marketing has generated and nurtured, to the correct sales rep so they can continue to build relationships. Traction Complete restores the harmony (and the love) between sales and marketing, ensuring every dollar spent on lead generation is given the best opportunity to convert.

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Originally posted on Traction On Demand.