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Dreamforce 2019 Complete!

December 12, 2019

This year’s Dreamforce marked the largest for Traction Complete to date as we joined our friends from Traction on Demand to take San Francisco in a storm of denim. From our booth on the expo floor to the sessions we hosted and the parties we attended, we connected with old friends and new, we learned, we shared and we came back focused on the growth of Complete for 2020. Here’s a snippet of our highlights:

Traction stats from Dreamforce 2019

Our Dreamforce stats



This year the entire team wore Levi jackets covered in patches which not only represented Salesforce Trailhead accomplishments but also showcased our cultural stories and expertise. The badge arrangement on every jacket was unique and different badges resonated with each Tractionite depending on their journey at Traction. The left sleeve of everyone’s jacket was left blank to symbolize all there is that we still have to learn.

“This was Complete’s biggest Dreamforce ever! We were immediately recognizable as a team in our Levis jackets, but each badge-covered jacket told a different story. They allowed us to start conversations and make connections be it at our booth, at one of our events or out on the streets of San Francisco.” -Dave Nelson, Managing Director


Just as we were denim themed, so was our booth at the customer success expo.

Traction Complete's denim themed booth at the expo

Traction Complete’s denim themed booth at the expo


Seamlessly connecting data inside Salesforce is our bread-and-butter, but getting to connect with members of the Salesforce ecosystem at our booth throughout the week was truly an honor. Learning about the sales, marketing, operational and administrative challenges companies are facing across all types of industries was insightful and provided direction as we continue to grow and develop our product roadmap.

Tara Plouffe, AE, explaining Complete's functionality

Tara Plouffe, AE, explaining Complete’s functionality

“This was my first ever Dreamforce and I was blown away by the scale of the event. I really enjoyed the energy on the expo floor and getting to chat with people about their Salesforce goals. Challenges with siloed data in Salesforce seemed to be a struggle for a lot of people.” – Adam Brewell, Business Development


Following on from the success of our webinar series, we hosted a breakfast session aimed at helping customers ensure a smooth migration once their license expires. We were joined by industry experts from Dun & Bradstreet and Salesforce who were on hand to offer insights and advice to customers, all at different points in their migration journey.

Dave Nelson, MD, welcoming customers to our breakfast

Dave Nelson, MD, welcoming customers to our breakfast


The breakfast brought together members of the Salesforce data community with the main aim of facilitating discussions among industry experts and customers. The roundtable format gave an opportunity for everyone to learn about the different ways was being used in business processes, the unique requirements that are being sought from alternative providers and well as insights into what successful migrations have looked like.

Roundtable discussions

Roundtable discussions with customers & industry experts



Our Connections meetup brought together our friends of Complete on the Wednesday afternoon of Dreamforce. The event was kicked off by a panel with Marc Festervand, Marketing Operations at Windstream, Justin Antone, Salesforce Technical Analyst at Mimecast and Jim Maddison, Principle Business System Analyst at Veracode. The panel discussed how they are using Salesforce to achieve their business objectives and apps from the Salesforce AppExchange including Complete and Hierarchies to overcome the challenges they are facing.

Salesforce customer panel

Our customer panel kicked off the Connections meetup


The event gave friends of Complete a chance to connect with each other and learn about the different ways Salesforce is being used across a wide variety of industries. The event also gave the Complete team an opportunity to connect with our customers in person.

“Getting the chance to actually meet with customers that I frequently work with in person was definitely a big highlight for me at Dreamforce. Before that, I had only ever met them virtually.” – Dan Nea, Customer Success.

Oleg meets customers at our meetup event

Oleg meets customers at our meetup event.


This is just a few of our highlights from Dreamforce 2019, to say it was an incredible experience for the Complete team is an understatement. We’re already looking forward to Dreamforce 2020. Watch this video to get more of a glimpse into the action-packed week:


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