Should newly expressed interest create a second record?

How do you ensure that renewed interest is followed up on by the right people?

Should newly expressed interest create a second record?

Video Transcript

Dave: And this is gonna get a little bit into the nitty gritty but what do you recommend for situations like that, where you might have nurtured someone? They’re a lead in your system, maybe they’re even a contact from some point and now they’re showing interest again. Do you recommend having a second record showing that new interest or to automatically just retain the others and keep adding on to their experience?

Navin: I’m a little torn by this question because it all depends if they’re still a lead or if you create a contact for that person. The minute you tip that person over and create a contact, you’ve sort of created a one-to-many relationship between like, if you’re using Marketo, if you’re using Salesforce. Marketo has people, Salesforce has leads and contacts. It makes a distinction, Marketo doesn’t, so that person reengages, Marketo’s more than likely to just find the person in the CRM whether it be a lead or now contact and stitch it there.

And from what I’ve seen, a lot of companies forget to set up clear routing and SLA rules on the contact side of their business. They’re really good or they’re getting better at the lead side, which is like the front door. But this so-called backdoor isn’t really well managed. It’s typically contacts that are owned by the people who are working the deal and those are typically not the best people to be immediately responsive to new inbound engagement.

So having the right routing system, having the right scoring system on the contact side of your business is crucial to make sure you’re not missing new engagement from people but have reawoken.

Dave: Yeah, okay. Well I mean I totally agree and love that you brought that up. I mean it’s a large part of why we’ve built what we have because of that. There’s different scenarios where sometimes you want to make sure that when existing contacts, maybe it’s even an existing customer that’s part of a continually buying company but now they’re interested in another product, you want to make sure that interest doesn’t get lost in the marketing automation, that it gets routed and assigned to someone. At least they can go chase that and follow up on it.

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