What are RevOps leaders’ top priorities & practical tips?

Industry leaders give their hot tips on leveling up your RevOps game.

Video Transcript

Mallory Lee: Lead scoring, lead routing, getting product usage information as clearly depicted in Salesforce as possible. These are all things that are really top of mind for us right now.

Mary Cannady: The most important thing you can do is work really closely. Typically more with your marketing team on all the sources for which they’re they’re channeling advertising or messages, and then build correct routing to establish and stamp the source of each.

Melissa Mccready: Make sure that data is not an afterthought, that you are constantly having it as a part of any process of rolling a project out and just get rid of that headache for yourself and put it in there do your laundry ago.

Cheryl Leary: Any disconnects on that data really can be an inhibitor to your business. So it’s really important you focus on the end and strategy. You know, how are you gonna use the data? How is it gonna link to each other? How does the data that comes in from marketing and it’s in the customer information link to the sales processes, link to how we sell, and get the product out the door or get the license on the customers, on the customer systems and how do we use that information to get our order forms out the door to invoice. Kind of looking at that customer mastering end to end is super important.

Angie Swenson: Let’s say an example was I’m having to clean up country a lot and a form. I have to go back to the business and say hey, look, this is breaking some of the other stuff. I’m trying to clean this up or I’m getting United States or the United States of America or U.S. and it is really expensive. I think it makes most sense to turn this into a Dropbox bill so we can standardize it. So find ways that you can standardize data where it’s inconsistent.

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