How to keep the focus on internal RevOps projects

Keep the focus on a few priorities, rather than many.

Video Transcript

Cheryl: A pitfall you really need to watch out for is you get a bunch of people, they give you 150 ideas that are off the top of their head and none of them get implemented. You wanna really be structured in it. You wanna come in each meeting or call with an agenda and say, this is our focus area and you need to be ready to focus on that focus area.

If you don’t have the buy-in, if you don’t have the resources to do that, you’re gonna quickly lose people because they’re gonna say, well I told you I wanted these six things, I didn’t get any of them. Whereas if you led them to, here’s the box for which we’re working in, we’ve got the resources to work in this box, and they pick these three things, you can get two of those three things done because everybody needs them and then they know they have a voice. And you’re also focusing on what’s important.

Dave: So, and I imagine that’s a lot easier said than done. I imagine people are gonna want to go in different directions of what they’re passionate about or what was most frustrating recently. How do you drive them to those two or three things that you’re trying to make decisions on?

Cheryl: Um, a lot of herding cats. No, I’m just teasing. So honestly, again, coming in with an agenda with a very specific set of this is it. And also sometimes giving them a place to go for those other ideas. So I really appreciate this idea you had over here. We’re not gonna lose it, we’re not gonna forget about it, but we’re gonna put it in this section here and then being able to come back to it. But I think by giving people a guidepost to go, most people will go towards that guidepost and that’s what they’ll focus around.

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