Empowering your sales team starts with asking why.

Incremental changes can have a major impact.

Video Transcript

Rosalyn: One thing that I would say is when you’re thinking about the insights that you want to look at, you know, focusing on that entire sort of end-to-end buyer or customer journey. And think about all of the different touch points across the journey. And then look at where are the places that you can make incremental improvements, right? Because a lot of companies, you know, we all report on ARR right?

We look at conversion rates, we look at win rates, we look at how many leads came in, you know, how many calls and some of those really top-line type of metrics you know, net retention, gross retention, churn, but those are all rear view, sort of lagging indicators, right? And so if you think about leading indicators, we’ll start looking at “oh how conversions, how many leads, how many this and that” but this is the next level that’s important, right?

And that could be different for your business. But going one step or even two steps deeper when you look at conversion rates, what type of clients converted, what type of leads converted, what were those, you know, touch points that happened prior to a customer reaching out to us, you know, and really deep dive into some of those areas.

And same thing with like win rates, right people, a lot of times I see companies, they just report all we have X amount of win rate, then they just want to improve that rate incrementally, but what they don’t dive into is, why did we win? Why did we lose?

What are the things that we can do differently top of funnel, you know, through our marketing through our content or our messaging, as well as throughout the deal cycle? What are the things that we could be doing differently to incrementally improve those results?

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