Modern Sales Power Hour
with David Nelson

Check out the conversation between Modern Sales Pros Founder, Pete Kazanjy, and Traction Complete CEO, David Nelson as they tackle your thorniest revenue problems via live Q&A.

Traction Complete develops a suite of RevOps apps for Salesforce that automates data cleanup, account hierarchies, matching, and routing – so that people can manage complex data, effortlessly.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to overcome common GTM agility challenges
  • Best practices for territory planning
  • Advice for sales and revenue leaders going into 2023

Check out the conversation!


Your go-to-market experts.

Pete Kazanjy

Pete Kazanjy

Co-Founder, CRO, Atrium

Peter Kazanjy is a serial founder and seasoned early-stage Saas executive, advisor, and investor. Pete has cofounded many companies including TalentBin, Modern Sales, and Atrium. He is also an author of “Founding Sales”.

David Nelson

CEO, Traction Complete

Before founding Traction Complete, David was the Director of Product Management at Traction on Demand, the world’s largest solely dedicated Salesforce consulting company that was recently acquired by Salesforce. He previously founded his own company after working as a product manager at Blackboard.