Diagnosing what relies on Data.com

Data.com products including Clean and Prospector are no longer renewable. Salesforce has advised customers to be aware of how their org will be affected when their license expires. Understanding the fields, triggers, workflows and APIs that depend on Data.com data can be difficult. Analysis could involve assessing thousands of records and lines of code to discover what is relying on Data.com.

Implications of not understanding the dependencies may include:
  • an inability to create new records including accounts and contacts
  • error messages showing
  • reports not running

Traction On Demand has built a free app in partnership with Salesforce, available on the AppExchange. This app scans through an org to diagnose what relies on Data.com. The app provides a report to help decide on the best course of action to ensure no downtime.

Learn how to use this app and the recommended courses of action depending on your results.

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