Using D&B Optimizer as an alternative to

Salesforce has set the sun on its suite of products. Products including Clean and Prospector can no longer be renewed. Salesforce has urged customers to be aware of how this will impact their Salesforce instances as certain fields and objects will be permanently removed when their contracts expire. This may result in errors, broken functionality, and disruptions to business processes. Traction Complete launched a webinar series to help customers that the necessary steps to ensure their Salesforce instance remains fully operational, clean and up-to-date.

In this webinar we’re joined by Frank Malfi, Product Director at D&B to learn:

1. How D&B Optimizer compares to
2. The differences between the two solutions
3. The steps to take to ensure there is no downtime
4. How to successfully use D&B Optimizer for different use cases and business objectives.

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