Yes please.

Traction Complete instantly strengthens performance across sales teams with clean, accurate and timely data.

To lead or not to lead.

Organizations often avoid using Leads in Salesforce because it’s an isolated object. Traction Complete bridges this gap by connecting leads to accounts, contacts, other leads, opportunities and cases – to allow for accurate expressions of interest within the customer journey. If Contacts are required, Traction Complete can automatically convert leads and distribute them to the right sales rep.

Go further.

Ensure the right record reaches the right person as your teams scale. Traction Complete helps you create an automated distribution strategy that fits your long term goals. Maximize your opportunities with visibility into your lead, opportunity and case data.

Put your data to work.

Traction Complete’s platform connects with third party sources to automatically create visual hierarchies and enrich your accounts. This means you can reach-out directly to the Regional Manager, instead of the Assistant to the Regional Manager.

Tie sales together with marketing.

Our matching platform works with marketing (to pinpoint leads who are part of a rep’s current outbound campaign or existing customer account), and then assigns it to the most suitable sales rep. By employing intent data, you’ll know who needs an immediate response.

Segment territories with confidence.

Easily assign leads, contacts, opportunities to the right rep based on complex territory assignments & go-to-market strategies.

Don’t let opportunities go cold.

Eliminate the time spent deciding where to route an opportunity. Know exactly who an opportunity should go to, at exactly the right time.