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Join the speed-to-lead revolution and watch your team make game-changing strides in their lead response times.

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Veracode found a smarter way

to speed up.

With complex, rapidly evolving go-to-market rules and no time to wait for IT, Veracode needed a way to easily configure the most complex assignment flows with an intuitive drag & drop interface.

Built for Enterprise

Drag, Drop & Automate

Unlimited Assignment Possibilities

Effortless Matching

Unlocked Data Potential

Measure, Optimize, Repeat!


Built for Enterprise

Create the perfect symphony of movement between your data, sales reps, and revenue teams. With Complete Leads, you’ve got the most powerful, automated lead-to-account matching and routing solution on your side.

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Drag, Drop & Automate

Say goodbye to manual effort & IT setbacks. Go from complex code to a simple drag & drop interface to help you make changes on the fly. Now just sit back, set, & forget.

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Unlimited Assignment Possibilities

Assign, match, and create any custom routing flow, beyond leads. Multiple channel partners? Ultra-complex territories? Reps in different timezones? No problem and no code required.

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Effortless Matching

Smart matching capabilities give you a complete picture of a lead within its target accounts. Easily handle complex situations and make the best match every time.

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Unlocked Data Potential

How much time does your team waste on duplicate and disorganized data? With auto merge and powerful bulk actions, you can give your team the data environment they need to sell more, faster.

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Measure, Optimize, Repeat!

Time isn’t on your side when lead capture to routing is measured in minutes. We ensure urgency is acted on with trackable ROI and the first ever rep response dashboard.

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Join other high-growth trailblazers.

Join the speed-to-lead revolution and begin to realize your revenue potential. But hey, don’t take our word for it, our customers say it best.

The problem we had is that we were growing, and our previous routing tool didn’t scale with us. It wasn’t just the functionality, but the usability within those functions.

Chris Burger, Head of Revenue Operations

Traction Complete has dramatically reduced errors in our Lead routing process and helped us execute quicker and faster dupe checks.

Hazel Tran, Director, Global Territory Strategy & Sales Operations

Traction is helping us adapt phenomenally. It's a very versatile and flexible tool. The UI is superb, I'm able to build things out very quickly.

James Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst

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See it in action.

Learn how Complete Leads can automate and transform your lead assignment process.

How It Works

Features that make the difference.

When 50% of potential buyers choose the vendor that responds first, you need to be first. With enterprise level features designed to help you speed up, you can. 

Lead-To-Account Matching

Powered by automation, intelligent and sophisticated matching rules instantly highlight relationships between incoming leads and all existing records in Salesforce.

Any-object Matching

Match any object! Opportunity, account, custom object, you name it. You can create any custom match rule based on any object in Salesforce.

Customizable Match Criteria

You have complete control over your Salesforce lead matching criteria. Set the priority for each match type, create custom tiebreaker rules, and ensure the most accurate match is made every time.

Hierarchy Match

Do you need to match and route leads to the right level within a complex company hierarchy? No worries. Handling hierarchy matching and routing has never been easier.

Match, Merge & Convert

Cut through the noise and bring data clarity to your entire team by matching and merging duplicate leads and contacts.

Complete Match Engine.

It all starts with a match.

01 Lead-To-Account Matching

02 Any-object Matching

03 Customizable Match Criteria

04 Hierarchy Match

05 Match, Merge & Convert

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

Using the drag and drop assignment builder, you can set up complex routing rules like a pro. Easily make updates anytime and quickly deploy those changes across environments.

Any Object Assignment

Go beyond leads and create any assignment flow across any object. Route any record, update any field, and trigger any action. The assignment possibilities are endless.

Account-Based Assignment

Make sure your target and customer accounts get the best possible experience every time with account-based matching and routing.

Territory Based Assignment

Segmenting based on geography, vertical, named account, rep specialty? No problem. Create your territory rules your way, and ensure the right leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities are routed to the right rep, every time.

Weighted Round Robin Routing

Easily distribute leads amongst a pool of sales reps with advanced Round Robin capabilities. Route to dynamic groups, use weighting and capping and rep availability to take your round robin to the next level.

Smart Notifications

Set up custom notifications for any type of inbound lead. Make sure your reps can respond instantly with the context they need to have conversations that convert.

Nested Flow Builder

Nested flows allow you to be unapologetically complex while keeping things clear and organized for everyone. Build multiple assignment flows for different go-to-market teams and enable managers to maintain their own rules.

Assignment Flow Builder

Run like a well-oiled machine.

01 Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

02 Any Object Assignment

03 Account-Based Assignment

04 Territory Based Assignment

05 Weighted Round Robin Routing

06 Smart Notifications

07 Nested Flow Builder

Complete View

Get a holistic view of all the activity related to your accounts, no clicking around necessary. A more informed view of the customer leads to more authentic connections, and ultimately, conversions.

Response Timer

Our lead response timer helps you encourage urgency with a real-time countdown right on the lead page layout.

Rep Response Dashboard

Get a clear view of how quickly reps are following up. Set goals, and track your progress to ensure you’re meeting your targets and motivating your team.

Reporting Mode

Monitor and audit matching and assignment flows with a detailed history log at every step of the flow, and correct any miss-set rules.

Safe and Secure

100% native to salesforce your data never leaves the platform. We take your data security seriously because it matters no matter the size of your business.

Lead Process Optimization

Take back control with informed decision-making

01 Complete View

02 Response Timer

03 Rep Response Dashboard

04 Reporting Mode

05 Safe and Secure

See it in action

Join the-speed-to-lead revolution.

You’re up against increasing lead volumes, lagging rep response times, and messy duplicate data that’s holding back revenue.

We say, challenge the status quo. Join the speed-to-lead revolution.

Ready to take back control
of your lead management?

You need a solution that is powerful enough to handle it all, and flexible enough to adapt with you. Don’t let data hold you back, and never miss a missed opportunity again.

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