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  • Created a single source of truth in Salesforce, allowing for easier reporting and more consistency when it came to planning go-to-market strategies. 
  • Uncovered whitespace for the marketing team’s ABM program to target and up-sell opportunities for the sales team to focus on using account hierarchies 


ON24 is a sales and marketing platform that drives digital engagement through webinars, virtual events, and personalized content experiences. The company’s platform is used by more than 2,100 customers worldwide.


The challenge for ON24 stemmed from data – whether it was having clean account data, the right contact information, or the ability to draw insights and reports.

Previously, the company operated in silos – Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, and Customer Success Operations worked independently and didn’t share processes or strategies. ON24 eventually switched to a Revenue Operations model but they needed a single source of truth in order to align on go-to-market strategies. .

“We had kept our processes to ourselves. We kept strategies and didn’t really meet together as much as we should have as a team.” 

Many of ON24’s customers were large enterprise businesses. But it was difficult to establish what the entire corporate family tree looked like. There was also confusion and conflict that stemmed from different sales reps owning accounts that belonged under a single global ultimate parent.


ON24 used Complete Hierarchies to tackle their data hygiene problem. The RevOps team needed a way to effectively share data and report on corporate hierarchies to better understand how to align on go-to-market strategies.

More Effective ABM & ABS Strategy

The power of automated account hierarchies was a game changer for how the RevOps team operated, especially for marketing and sales.

On the marketing side, it allowed them to uncover whitespace accounts that ON24 hadn’t yet sold to and channel their efforts through account-based marketing.

“It’s a really nice harmony that Complete Hierarchies has allowed us to work off of to ensure the partnership between sales and marketing.” 

It also helped the company’s enterprise sales reps, specifically those that owned large corporate family trees with parent accounts in North America and child accounts in Europe, Singapore, and Australia, by enabling reps to see how existing relationships could unlock upsell and cross-sell opportunities within subsidiaries.

Decrease in Account Ownership Disputes

Before using Complete Hierarchies, accounts that belonged to a global ultimate parent would be owned by multiple sales reps. Not only did this create disputes between reps but it was a source of confusion when it came to establishing a go-to-market strategy.

Complete Hierarchies, alongside third-party data source Dun & Bradstreet, cleaned up ON24’s database and ensured that all accounts owned by a single global ultimate parent were owned by one rep.

This led to a significant reduction in the number of account dispute cases that had come through to sales leadership – saving time (and frustration) for all parties involved.

Faster, More Efficient Reporting

Previously, trying to piece together account hierarchies or reports on key metrics across hierarchies would require “Salesforce and spreadsheet gymnastics” — which was not efficient. 

“Before Traction Complete, people operated out of spreadsheets and offline documents to outline the account hierarchies.” 

“With Complete Hierarchies and the iFrame that’s integrated with Salesforce, it’s easy to see all that,” Tan explains. “It’s easy to see exactly the account hierarchies in a very visually appealing way. And that’s worth its weight in gold because it helps us in executing our go-to-market strategies.”

By having a single source of truth, it also helps reinforce consistency when reporting and forecasting.

“You only have one way to potentially pull data so there’s no ambiguity as to how you’re pulling the data or what the ‘right’ numbers are.”


Having clean data impacts every aspect of ON24’s RevOps team. And with Traction Complete, they have the tools and ability to push towards a cleaner, more efficient CRM database. 

Complete Hierarchies means that Salesforce and spreadsheet gymnastics have become a thing of the past. And the entire team reaps the benefits of saving time, having streamlined information, and sharing a single source of data for reporting and go-to-market strategies. 

Ready to give Complete Hierarchies a try? Book a personalized demo to learn how you can scale your business to new heights. 

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